Mikka Mi Amor

Bones Kendall’s Mikka Mi Amor is both great poetry in its own right, and it’s also a great tool for English language learners (ESL, EFL, ENL). The poems are accessible, entertaining, provocative, and bursting with life.

In adMikka Mi Amor cover imagedition, the book contains a glossary of all the words used in the poems, the only known book of poetry to do so. Bones Kendall goes the extra mile for you.

The fifty poems were originally sent as emails to his wife. They were collected and published in book form in 2007.

You can find the book on Amazon or Indiebound.




Here’s a poem from the collection:

I love my wife more
Than I love my
That’s saying a lot.
She’s sharper,
More dangerous,
And she has more uses.
But neither one can I do without.
Luckily there’s no jealousy.