Number the Stars – real history in story form

Number the StarsNumber the Stars by Lois Lowry

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I saw the Jewish Star of David on the cover of the book and picked it up at the local used book store along with Anne Frank’s Diary. We had gone to the Museum of Tolerance about half a year ago and I thought to put some Jewish books on the reading list.

I had no idea about the book and sort of had to force it on the boys who thought it might be too much of a girl book. It is not a girl book at all. It’s a great story. In the edition I have, Lowry writes an afterword about wanting to tell the story of the country of Denmark during World War II. She invented characters who represented very real actors in the war.

The book is a quick read and the tension rises as the Nazis threaten the Jews and the Resistance has to help some of the Jews escape by sea to Sweden. There are surprising facts and real history presented.

For us, because we read so regularly together, we were happy to have this one on the list, but I wouldn’t suggest that it be the first read nor the most serious study.

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